Tuckahoe Acres, May through June, 2022

Thursday, May 19, 2022

I will be doing a blog occasionally even though we aren’t traveling in the RV. We want to have these to look back on in the future.

After several delays today we were able to finally get to our place at the beach. We had the car packed last night and left at 7:00 AM. The weather was perfect at 77° with bright sunshine and a comfortable breeze. We were able to open for the season and enjoy some down time.

Momma Osprey guarding her nest. There was alot of sqawking when she felt we were too close. Hoping to catch a glimpse of the babies when they hatch.
Our neighborhood bunny that has nipped the buds from our azaleas. Tomorrow we’ll put a few carrots out for her and try to lure her away from the flowers.
Another gorgeous sunset. Sun went down and took the temperature with it. 66° Still beautiful.

Friday, May 20, 2022

What a beautiful start to the day. Watching the sunrise and enjoying God’s little creatures. Did you ever look at a creature and wonder why and how these were created? What is their purpose? I watched several horseshoe crabs this morning and noticed how they slowly went about their day doing what???? Maybe we need to start the days slower and just head to the water or wherever we find our peace.

Horseshoe Crab working his way back into the Bay.
According to what I read this might be a young Crab. The young crabs come out in the morning, eat then burrow into the sand for the balance of the day, but then again she might be burrowing to lay eggs. So, fact is, I don’t know what she’s doing 😃
This guy was in trouble so I turned him right-side up and aimed him toward the water.
He has several barnacles.
So colorful

Following are pictures from our stay in Delaware during June and beginning of July.

Great grandson, Cooper enjoying the Bay.
Bethany Beach
Hoag, Joyce, Terry
Yikes! Not a job for me! Men working on the Charles W, Cullen Bridge over the Indian River Inlet.
Chief Little Owl totem pole at Bethany Beach
Me, Elaine, Joyce
1924 Beauty
Erich and Mike from The Uptown Band in Ocean Pines, Md.
Uptown Band playing among the bubbles.
Ah Ha Hydrangea
Bulkhead in the Indian River Bay at Tuckahoe
A beautiful sunset
Sharon, Trey, Cid, Devin

Time to close and start a new month of making memories.

Spring 2022 Delaware Seashore State Park

Wednesday, April 20, 2022


We woke to a beautiful quiet morning. Temperature was 43° at 7:00 but that was OK. The sun is up and bright with almost no breeze until 9:00. We had our breakfast then we went for a walk. There are some big fishing boats stored at the Marina on the north side.

We stopped with Terry and Joyce to discuss plans for the afternoon. Sam stopped by also. We decided on a trip to a boardwalk with a choice of Rehoboth Beach, Bethany Beach or Ocean City. Ocean City won out. Sam and Phyllis declined.

I saw Ken outside with his camera aiming toward the bridge. He had seen men working on the pylons earlier this morning and they were there again. There are 4 pylons each reaching 247.5 feet above sea level. The bridge is a cable-stayed bridge with 152 stays. There is also a fiber optic system which monitors any issues that could effect the structure. This would not be a job for everyone.

OK now we are on our way to Ocean City, MD.

This gallery has been on the boardwalk for over 50 years
Joyce in front, Me, Elaine on our BIG chair

Hoag, Ken, Terry
An amazing sand sculpture

We always visit the Kite Loft before turning back.

Terry and Hoag waiting while we shop.
A great day for kite flying
Even Minnie is flying high

We had one more stop. Kohr Bros. Frozen Custard is even good on a cold day. We each got a cone then headed for the sunny side of the boardwalk. 😊 Yummy!!

It was late afternoon, about 4:00, so we traveled back to Delaware to the campground. Ken, Elaine, Terry, Joyce, Sam and Phyllis were going out for dinner but Hoag and I elected to stay at the RV. We snacked then I went for one last walk along the river because we’ll leave for home tomorrow.

We had a fun filled week but it is time to go home to responsibilities before coming back to Delaware to open our beach house for the summer season.

Spring 2022 Delaware Seashore State Park

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

52° High winds

We went to bed around 11:00 last night with a decrease in the wind and rain. At 4:00 AM I awoke and the wind picked up again but no rain. The wind sounded like it could tear the roof of the RV off. Reports indicated 40 mph gusts. As the day progressed the wind subsided. By 6:00 AM it was relatively quiet.

I peeked outside as day was breaking and saw the clouds moving out and the sunrise appearing.

This is a special effect setting on the camera. Just playing around to see what can be done.

After breakfast Hoag and I went to the north side of the inlet to watch the ocean waves. As we walked along the river the wind picked up again and there were white caps on the river. There were several people out and they were all bundled up to ward off the cold. While standing on the sandy bluff along the ocean we watched the waves crashing to the shore and 2 surfers riding them. BRRR!

He caught the wave

Ken delivered our lunch which was Elaine’s homemade BBQ. THANK YOU!!! It was too cold to sit outside and eat so we had delivery 😁😁 and ate in the RV. Oops, I guess he won’t deliver here again, we forgot to tip him.

Terry, Joyce, Hoag and I drove to Tuckahoe to see if our chairs were still on our deck or the neighbor’s deck. They were still on ours. We checked on a few things then went to Hockers Hardware for an item for Terry. Now it’s time for our siesta.

Upon returning to the campground Surprise!!! No electric. There is work being done and they assured us that in about an hour it should be restored. Oh my, our recliners won’t work. No television either. Now we are roughing it like the old days. 😯😃

While sitting here I saw a smaller boat on the river and it was litterly twirling. A larger boat came out and helped get it get back on track.

This evening Ken, Elaine, Terry, Joyce, Hoag and I went to dinner at a restaurant which recently opened. We watched the construction last year and were excited to visit. Everyone was very pleased with their food and we will visit it again.

The wind is beginning to subside so we’re all hoping for a quiet peaceful sleep. Good Night!

Spring 2022 Delaware Seashore State Park

Monday, April 18, 2022

40s cold, windy, rainy

Terry, Joyce, Hoag and I started the morning at Cracker Barrel. When we travel, Cracker Barrel is a go to for breakfast at least once. Ken Elaine, Sam and Phyllis all had other plans. After breakfast we went to Home Depot to check on a few items but no purchases were made. From there we drove to Tuckahoe Acres to take a few measurements.

We returned to the RV and decided since it was a cold ugly day a movie may be the answer to “What to do”. Sam and Phyllis declined. The rest of us decided on Father Stu which was based on a true story. I’ll give it 2 stars, good movie.

We returned to the RV only to gather up Sam and Phyllis then turn around and go to Woodys for dinner. They are known for their crabcakes. Exxxxcellent!!

We were happy with our day and now the rain blew in, and boy did it blow in.

L to R: Ken & Elaine, Terry & Joyce, Sam & Phyllis

The balance of the evening we were rocking and rolling with the rain pounding against the RV. It is 10:00 and it is still continuing so we’ll be rocked to sleep and hope it is all gone by morning. Good Night!

Spring 2022 Delaware Seashore State Park

Sunday, April 17, 2022

59° Windy

Happy Easter

We woke to a cool (49°) but quiet morning. I missed the sunrise, I guess I was just simply too lazy to crawl out of my nice warm bed. As the morning progressed the sun broke through the clouds and the temperature started to rise. The wind remained strong and cold. Hoag and I did start to walk along the river but quickly turned back.

After breakfast I put together our meal for lunch which consisted of a crockpot dish of creamy potatoes with ham. We then sat outside but were only blocked from the wind when we moved behind Sam and Phyllis’s RV. Later the men moved the picnic table and Sam and Terry moved their cars to help block the wind. We can adapt.

After lunch we all retired to warm RVs. I think I might be safe to assume there were several naps in order. I can only speak for ourselves. Yes!!

Elaine called around 4:30 asking if we were interested in going to dinner. Not us. Joyce then stopped over to check also, but we chose to eat light tonight. We watched television coverage of several Nascar drivers and owners giving their testimonials on what Easter means to them. It was so refreshing to see these men share their faith with the masses at Bristol.

When they returned from dinner Joyce and I decided we would go out and watch the sunset. We had hoped to walk the bridge to see the sunset and the moonrise but Elaine pointed out that the sunset was 7:39 while moonrise was 8:59. We weren’t going to climb the bridge stand there for over an hour to see the moonrise. We also weren’t going to climb the bridge twice. We felt climbing it once would be an accomplishment. 😁

Our sunset

After warming up back in the RV Joyce and I headed out to the beach. We missed it coming out over the ocean but it was a beautiful bright orange ball. These pictures aren’t my best because I had trouble holding the camera steady but here they are.

Yes, it was cold and yes it was very windy, but we had a good day. Life is Good!

Spring 2022 Delaware Seashore State Park

Saturday, April 16, 2022



It was another gorgeous morning to walk by the water, but this time I got to see the sunrise. For me there is no better way to start the day. I don’t swim, fish, ride boats, but to spend time by the water I find no better way to wake up for another God given day.

It was back to the RV for breakfast and get ready for the day. No special plans, just enjoy the sun and the company. It was about 10:00 and another walk to the beach was in order. There were alot of fishermen out and some had good luck.

Someone said this was a dogfish which is in the shark family. He threw it back in the river.
Hoag, Terry, Ken and Elaine. Buddy photo bombed us,
There’s Buddy!
Terry and Joyce
Elaine, Ken and of course Buddy (my Bacon buddy)
Me and Hoag

After a long walk it was again lunch time. We gathered our goodies and shared them at Sam and Phyllis’s site while trying to stay in the sun.

This evening there was the First Annual Sun, Moon & Bridge Night. The Indian River Inlet Bridge (Charles W. Cullen Bridge) is 2600 feet long with a clearance over the Inlet of 45 feet. There is a walking and bicycle lane which connects the Dewey Beach side to the Bethany Beach side.

Tonight we were going to watch the Full Pink Moon also known as the Egg Moon, Sprouting Grass Moon or the Fish Moon rise over the Atlantic Ocean while the sun sets over the Indian River. There were food trucks, historians with info of the bridge, bonfires and stargazing. Last September Hoag and I watched the sunrise over the ocean and the full moon descend over the river.

We walked to the bridge at 6:30 and when we arrived we saw hordes of people with 1 food truck and hundreds of people in line waiting for food. Our decision was quickly made to move on and watch the sun and Moon from the bridge tomorrow night. We’re flexible so we went to the Bethany Diner for dinner. 😁

Enjoy your day tomorrow as we remember Jesus’ sacrifice and give thanks for what he brought to our world.


Spring 2022 Delaware Seashore State Park

Friday, April 15, 2022


Today we had an exceptionally slow start to the day. The sun was out and the temperature was perfect. Hoag and I went for a leisurely walk along the river before having our breakfast in the RV.

It was after 10:00 before we drove to Tuckahoe Acres to show the gang what we’ve been doing to our camper, our summer beach place. Phyllis and Sam had never seen it so we were pleased to show it off. While there we also checked on the Osprey nest and saw the couple were actively using it.

We’ll watch for the babies this summer.

From Tuckahoe we drove to Selbyville, Delaware to Eric and Stacy’s Beach house. They are Ken and Elaine’s daughter and son-in-law. They have a beautiful home decorated in amazing coastal decor. Thanks for the tour.

Here we are all feeling rather comfortable on Eric and Stacy’s patio.
Terry, Sam, Joyce, Hoag, me, Phyllis and Ken.

It was now past our lunch and we were all feeling light in the belly area. We decided on Fox’s Restaurant. Excellent choice. The pizza was awesome. We had a leisurely lunch and all were satisfied with this choice.

It was now after 3:00 so it was time for catnaps for a few of us. Back to the campground.

As we traveled north on Rt. 1 we finally got a good picture of Chief Little Owl a historic Landmark in Bethany Beach. He stands 24 feet tall depicting a North facing eagle and Nanticoke Indian Chief. Little Owl was Charles Clark,a WW1 veteran who served as Chief of the Nanticoke from 1933 until his death in 1971.

Wow, did the weather change!! At 6:30 Sam and Phyllis had us all over for some delicious hot chicken bowtie soup which was perfect for a cold evening. Joyce and Terry brought red beet eggs and Ken and Elaine provided dessert, Lime jello cake. We didn’t sit very long because the temperature dropped to 59° and the wind picked up. BRRR!

Hoag, Elaine, Ken and Terry
Phyllis, Joyce and Sam. Oops! I think I caught them while chewing.

We had another nice day, but it is time to sit back, prop up our feet and throw on a nice warm blanket. Good Night! 💤💤💤

Spring 2022 Delaware Seashore State Park

Wednesday, April 13, 2022


What a beautiful day we had for our 3 1/2 hour trip which will park us just steps from the Indian River Inlet and the ocean. We arrived at 11:30 but since check-in is 1:00 we weren’t certain what we would do. We drove to check-in and the girl was so accommodating and allowed us to park and set up.

We had a light lunch then left for Tuckahoe to work on our camper. We planned two painting jobs outside, but the weather was so hot the paint dried too quickly so we were only able to accomplish one of them. We’ll go back tomorrow morning for the second one.

These guys were a short distance away enjoying the weather also, but staying cool in the water.

We returned to the campground, finished setting up, cleaned the RV and enjoyed some down time. We had a late dinner in the RV and called this day DONE.

Well, almost. We had such amazing weather I walked to the river to watch the sunset. God’s artwork.

What a great day we had. Tomorrow afternoon our friends will join us for the next 7 days. Looking forward to making lots of memories.

Thursday, April 14, 2022


We were out of bed early, ate breakfast then drove to the camper to finish our painting project. The weather was perfect, sunshine with a slight breeze so we felt energized and ready to go.

With painting finished we were able to start our spring cleaning outside. We dug out a couple plants that were just large and unruly, cleaned windows and put our lime green Adirondack chair on the deck. Even though it is there temporarily, we just had to place it. This was a chair that my uncle built in the mid 40s. It has changed hands several times but with a new bright paint job we wanted it to be part of our summer beach days. We then did some measuring for another project which includes an outside shower. We’re thinking this will help cut down on the sand inside. With those things done we moved inside to do a few jobs and get things organized. It was now almost noon so we needed nourishment. A stop to pick up a sub then back to the RV.

Ken, Elaine and Buddy pulled in first on the next site. Sam and Phyllis were followed by Terry and Joyce. The gangs all here so it’s time for fun and games, well fun anyway today. Maybe later the games. After much conversation it was determined that we would celebrate Hoag’s birthday at Matt’s Fish Camp, Bethany Beach. Times together like this are memory makers. Thanks everyone for being part of our lives.

2 pieces of chocolate cake and ice cream with 8 forks. 😃

After much conversation and feeling satisfied we returned to our RVs. A walk was needed but as we got closer to the ocean the wind changed and we could feel a drop in temperature. We visited with Joyce and Terry for a short while then retired to our RV. We had a short lived storm move through, but that’s OK that’s the way we like them.

Tomorrow we will wake, whenever we wake, no hurry. Remember, nature does not hurry and yet everything is accomplished.

Good Night!


Thursday, December 16, 2021

Feeling refreshed we bounced out of bed ready for another day. The weather has been great and today we’re headed into the mid 60s. We met Joyce and Terry for breakfast in the hotel before heading to our first tour.

We arrived at the Fonthill Castle a bit early so we walked around the Moravian Pottery and Tile works. We didn’t have a tour scheduled there and we only had minutes before our tour at Fonthill. Henry Mercer’s ceramics are in many public buildings such as the Pennsylvania State Capital. Below is a walking tour around the outside of the building.

FONTHILL CASTLE 10:15 TOUR (Doylestown, Pa.)

This was the home of Henry Chapman Mercer (1856-1930). The castle was built between 1908-1912. He was an archeologist, anthropologist, ceramicist, scholar and antiquarian. He built this as his home but also as a showplace for his tiles and artworks. The architecture is a very eclectic mix of design. Fonthill has more than 44 rooms, 18 fireplaces, 32 staircases and more than 200 window. The walls, floors and ceilings are adorned with tiles which were hand made, so they weren’t exactly matching each other but they all told a story.

Henry Mercer was a wealthy man that had an infatuation with castles. He wasn’t a very social person but was a pleasant individual. He did entertain people, like Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. Can you just imagine the discussions in that room? He was described as a leader in the turn-of-the-century Arts and Crafts movement.

Upon his death he allowed a married couple, that had served him for many years, to live there. It is now on the National Historic Landmark list as well as his Mercer Museum and the Moravian Pottery & Tile Works.

Brace yourself for this picture tour. I won’t post all the pictures because 100 are just a bit much.

When leaving Fonthill Castle we drove into Doylestown for a QUICK lunch to a place a local suggested. It was a delightful place with eclectic decor. The Eattery within the Doylestown Inn. Very good.


This is a 6 story concrete castle completed in 1916. Mercer was a collector of early American objects. We rushed over to the museum and did a self-guided tour. There were individuals there to answer our questions. This museum was very different from the others. Mercer himself was a collector of everything, yes EVERYTHING! There were cubicals with the tools needed to build or create anything. Examples: Blacksmithing, Basket & Broom Making, Shingle Making, Tanning & Leather work, Wallpaper & Fabric Painting and so much more. There are items hanging from the ceiling everywhere.

This gives you a quick glimpse of the museum. In today’s standards, he would have been considered a “hoarder”.

If I had to pick my favorite, I think it would be Fonthill Castle. I loved the stories of Mr. Mercer, his eccentric behavior but faithful and devoted to his beliefs. He loved nature, birds, animals and people even if he wasn’t a social butterfly. He believed he and others could accomplish anything if he/they just pushed forward.

Take time to explore what we have so close to home, but maybe not 5 tours in 2 days. 😊 Good Night, have a Very Merry Christmas and thanks for joining us on our trip.


December 15, 2021

No, the RV is parked for the winter. This is a 2 day trip in the car with a hotel stay. Hoag and I met a young couple several years ago that suggested these museum tours and this is the year to see them.

We left the house to pick up our travel buddies, Joyce and Terry at 9:00 then set out to explore Montgomery and Bucks County. First things first. Breakfast! A stop at Dutchway for a hearty meal, then head east.


This estate consists of the 26,000 square foot Main house, a Garden house with formal gardens. There are also stables, greenhouses, pergola and 3 tiered gardens. Today it is often used for weddings or special outings by prominent people.

This was as elegant private home for John Pitcairn and his family from 1895 to 1916. Mr. Pitcairn was born in Scotland in 1841 and emigrated to Pittsburgh at the age of an 5 with his family. At the age of 14 he left home to earn his own living. He left with a copy of the Bible and Swedenborg’s True Christian Religion in his knapsack.

He started his career as a telegraph operator then worked his way as a superintendent of a branch of the Pennsylvania RR. He invested in Pennsylvania oil, coal and natural gas. He made his fortune during the “oil boom” in the 1870s. He was co-founder of Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company in 1883. He was still active with the company when he died in 1916. He was considered a very fair business man.

He was married in1883. His wife Gertrude died 3 years after they moved into the estate. John and his children continued to live there until his death. Three generations lived there until 1980. A son and his wife,Raymond and Mildred eventually moved into what is now the Glencairn Museum from 1939-1979. The estate was donated to Academy of the New Church. It is presently listed as a National Historic Landmark.

Next: GLENCAIRN MUSEUM – Christmas in the Castle Tour 1:00

This is a castle-like mansion that served as the home of the Pitcairn family for over 40 years. There are about 8,000 pieces of art from many different countries and cultures. This mansion was built between 1928-1939 by Raymond Paitcairn, the son of John and Gertrude Pitcairn.

There are dozens of nativity scenes from around the world. There is a vintage Lionel train which encircles a tree decorated with antique ornaments. So many wreaths, garland and poinsettias adorn the massive stone constructed museum.


The cathedral is the episcopal seat of The General Church of the New Jerusalem which is a denomination of Swedenborgianism since its dedication in 1919. There is also high school, a four year college, a theological school and a Swedenborg Library located on the 6 acres.

Swedenborgianism is a Christian denomination which was influenced by scientist and mystic Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772). As per Swedenborg, he received a revelation from Christ in visions. He only wrote what he was told by the angels, not his opinions. Swedenborg was described as a brilliant scholar and one of the greatest intellects that has lived. Helen Keller said he was “one of the noblest champions Christianity has ever known”.

It was a full day and our heads are filled with so much info that we decided our little brains could hold no more. Time to check in at the hotel, find a place for nourishment and call it a day. There are so many more photos to share and information about these buildings, but it has been a long busy day, so it is time to put this to bed. Me too!!

Definitely a place to visit, but if I may make a recommendation. Do not try to do it all in one afternoon. Mind boggling. Thank you for looking in and see you tomorrow.